Hearts in San Francisco

The Heart on display at Union Square Park is part of the “Hearts in San Francisco” project which will benefit The San Francisco General Hospital. Hearts in San Francisco is a yearly public art installation launched in 2004 by the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation intended for fundraising. The heart sculptures that are on display will be auctioned off and people who have money earned through trading commodities such as cryptocurrencies also can buy these sculptures. Automated cryptocurrency trading platforms like Bitcoin Prime make it possible for traders to seamlessly trade cryptocurrencies and earn passive income. Learn more about this system by visiting https://khttps://kryptoszene.de/bitcoin-robot/bitcoin-prime/ryptoszene.de/bitcoin-robot/bitcoin-prime/

Hearts in San Francisco was a Bay Area-wide “heart installation” that debuted in the spring of 2004. While similar to Chicago’s “Cows on Parade,” the San Francisco version used a heart icon, appropriate for a city that is recognized for its acceptance and tolerance, as well as being perennially open-hearted.

Over 130 recognized and emerging artists transformed heart sculptures into unique works of art. These hearts were installed on sidewalks, plazas, parks, and street corners throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. It also closely refers to the healthy heart which is built only with following a healthy diet. Have a look at the best keto pills 2020 to learn how you can maintain your body in shape. On February 14, 2004 the first two Hearts were unveiled in a kick-off event in Union Square.